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Great Tasting Menu

Raw Sardinia Appetizer

1 Gillardeau Oyster
1 Escape
1 Red Shrimp
1 Pink Shrimp
Carpaccio of white fish with salt crystals and pomegranate
Seabass salad with avocado rocket and datterino
Sea bream salad with celery heart, artichokes and Tropea onion
White fish tartar with roasted eggplant cream and onion chips

Sardinia Appetizer Cooked and Marinated

Carpaccio of marinated sea bass with citrus fruits
Catalan salmon salad
Seared squid with carasau bread and broccoli
Morbidelle of fish and vegetables

2 Tastings of First Course


Paccheri with shellfish and spiny artichokes
Red mullet ragout with basil


2 Tastings of Second Course

Turban of sole and prawns, chickpea cream and mullet roe
Grilled scampi with almonds, bitter honey and Sardinian passito



Apple stuffed with custard in flaky crust brisè

Water and coffee included
Other beverages excluded


Cost 100,00 €

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